“I’ve never seen moderators so completely engaged in the research.”

“You did an outstanding job in the fieldwork and put together the findings and insights in a really great way.”

“The LBR team did a phenomenal job – clear flexibility and true partners.”

“The team was so impressed and also value the strategic insights you continually bring to the table.”

“As usual, working with your team was seamless from start to finish.”

“You did a phenomenal job recruiting: proved what ‘couldn’t be done’, could be done.”

“You did a great job proposing the methodology and adjusting to change as we transformed the approach.”

LBR Insight specializes in actionable results through market research and strategic planning services. We are skilled in servicing multiple types of industries:



“You guys are like superheroes - when needed you go into a phone booth and put on your agency / client clothes”

– Market Research Director

What makes LBR Insight unique is that we all hail from senior level positions in advertising agencies and client side corporations. Because of this we really understand WHY our clients are doing research and WHAT they need to learn and HOW to make it actionable. All because we have been there ourselves, in the trenches, creating marketing materials and developing brands. Our clients really notice and appreciate this difference. WE GET IT.

LBR Insight is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC.) We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by our clients and we can add diversity to your supply chain.

We help our clients unearth unique insights and translate them into actionable terms, which then inspire distinct and ownable creative thinking and strategic planning that grows business.
LBR Insight believes that the best marketing and advertising comes from the intersection of your brand story and your customer’s story. LBR Insight uncovers the chapters of those stories and tells them back to you in a way that is both understandable and useful. WE GET IT.
Our process

“I could really tell you had your agency background by the way you were able to ask the questions and get the insights we needed.”

– Market Research Supervisor

Unlike other research firms, LBR Insight projects are staffed with former agency and client-side doers, thinkers, and makers who have developed and shaped brands for more than 20 years. WE GET IT.

Laura Radosh

Laura Radosh -

- Founder + Managing Director. Laura formed LBR Insight after nearly two decades of leading strategic planning and market research at world leading agencies such as Deutsch, McCANN, and JWT.


Over the course of her career up to and including LBR Insight, Laura’s insights and strategic thinking has helped shape consumer brands like Beech-Nut Baby Food, Prince Tennis Racquets, Perdue Chicken, Revlon, Almay, Stayfree, Lysol, Snapple, Coffee-mate, and American Airlines.

Laura was one of the pioneers of direct-to-consumer (DTC) healthcare advertising and has been marketing healthcare brands to consumers since the late 90’s. Since 2006 and LBR Insight, she has honed her skills with professional efforts as well, having personally moderated 100s upon 100s of HCP interviews. A sampling of the healthcare brands she has worked on or helped launch whether with consumers or professionals include Viagra, Diovan, Invokana, Avandia, Requip, Avodart, Zelnorm, Linzess, Lovaza, Coreg, Zoloft, Pristiq, Gonal-f, and Incivek.

Laura’s healthcare expertise also spans into aesthetics with brands like Duac, Radiesse, Xeomin, and LaViv.

As demonstrated by the wide variety of clients, Laura has extreme versatility as a research facilitator. Laura quickly understands each new client’s business and objectives and applies that to the research itself. She also has the unique ability to create an instant rapport with all types of respondents whether they be consumers or professionals/business-to-business. She is just as comfortable moderating groups with moms about baby food as she is with men about their constipation, or CEOs about their hopes and dreams. But more importantly, she makes the respondents comfortable sharing their feelings with her.

When Laura isn’t moderating she is on the move trying to keep up with her two young daughters, or planning the next good meal with her husband.

Laura is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, BA History, and is a RIVA trained qualitative researcher.

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Laura Gomez Westraad

Laura Gomez Westraad -

- Strategist/Bilingual Moderator. Hailing originally from Colombia, Laura brings the multicultural angle to LBR Insight.


Laura also brings client side experience, having worked as an advertising analyst for Exito Group (Lead retailer in Colombia) where she worked in the creation and development of marketing strategies for brand positioning, loyalty programs and customer service.

In addition, Laura’s talents also include creative production. She had her own audiovisual production company and won several awards in her home country, Colombia .

Photography is one of her passions. During her free time you can find Laura taking pictures or planning her next road trip.

Laura has a BA in Advertising from the Pontificia Bolivariana University of Colombia. 

Laura is a RIVA Trained Moderator.

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Maggie Kane

Maggie Kane -

– Strategist/Moderator. Maggie joins LBR Insight with over 6 years professional experience in the marketing world.


Living and working in Philadelphia, she has had the opportunity to work with some of the largest companies in the area/country including: Merck Pharmaceuticals, AmerisourceBergen, DuPont, Diageo and many others.

Maggie has vast experience in all areas of communications including: strategic communications, traditional media and marketing, digital media and marketing, employee engagement and, of course, market research. Whether it is developing and implementing focus groups, conducting blind studies or completing primary and/or secondary research, Maggie enjoys immersing herself in any new subject.

Outside of the traditional agency account experience, Maggie also has expertise in handling traffic and production in the busy agency environment, ensuring projects are done on time and are of top quality.

Traveling is a passion of Maggie’s as well. In her off time she loves the opportunities to find new adventures and experience new cultures.

Maggie is a 2010 graduate of Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a Business Administration degree, concentration in Marketing and minor in MIS.

Maggie is a RIVA Trained Moderator.

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Karole Oleksey

Karole Oleksey -

- Moderator, Marketing Strategy, Research & Analysis. During Karole’s nearly 20 years at Pfizer, she honed her strategic marketing skills working on both US and global brands.


Karole has worked on consumer-focused blockbuster brands such as Zyrtec, Viagra, Lipitor, Celebrex, and Lyrica. She developed and led local, regional and global brand initiatives utilizing her holistic view of brands, competition, market dynamics and customer insights. After leaving Pfizer, Karole moved to Interbrand, the largest global branding consultancy as a Senior Strategist where she helped numerous clients establish, fortify and grow their brands at the product, portfolio, and corporate levels.

As a marketing and brand strategy consultant, she has helped build brands not only in the healthcare space (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices) but also in technology, energy, and luxury goods. Never underestimating the value of customer insights, Karole has capitalized on her past experiences to expand her service offering to including moderating one-on-one in-depth interviews as well as focus groups with healthcare, business-to-business, and consumer brands. Most recently, Karole has been charged with understanding and defining the “white space” for launch and established products in order to create a unique and ownable position to differentiate from competitors.

When Karole is not in front of or behind a double mirror, she is probably on an airplane shuttling between the homes she shares with her husband in London and New York City.

Karole has a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business. She works between New York and London to service clients globally. Karole is a RIVA trained qualitative researcher.

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Nanette Rothermel

Nanette Rothermel -

- Moderator, Marketing Strategy. Nanette started her advertising career in NYC with some of the greatest brand building agencies of their day


– Grey Advertising assigned to Smithkline Beecham, Lowe & Partners on the Coca-Cola Brands, and Ogilvy & Mather working on a range of accounts including Chesebrough-Pond’s Skincare.

While at Lowe & Partners, Nanette was selected to be a team member on the Coca-Cola Global Agency Strategic Task Force assigned to uncover powerful insights to revive the brands and shape the strategic direction of the overall franchise. The most noted campaigns she strategically contributed to were the “Obey Your Thirst” teen expansion campaign for Sprite, The glass bottle vintage-cool movement campaign for Coca-Cola Classic, and diet Coke’s target barrier-buster campaign called “Break Time”.

Upon returning home to Saratoga, N.Y., Nanette worked at Palio Communications where she was integral in building their brand planning department. As VP, Brand Planning Director, Nanette was responsible for the strategic wellness of clients including GSK, Pfizer, Cephalon, novo nordisk and Stiefel. As the brand planner, she led the team in the development of strategy, positioning, creative execution, research moderating, and insight mining.

When Nanette is not hot on the trail of a new answer to the most challenging what if questions shaping consumer behavior and connecting brands to the hearts of people, she can be found helping kids & families in “tough” spots at her horse farm where she helps people to discover all they are meant to be through her Equine Assisted Counseling and Coaching program.

Nanette holds a Bachelor of Science-Business Administration from Russell Sage College in Troy, NY. Specialty training includes: EAGALA Certified as an Equine Specialist in Equine Assisted Psychology, Therapeutic Foster Care Training, Trauma Informed Treatment Training, Executive Leadership Coach - Completed Professional Christian Coaching Institute's The Essentials of Leadership Coaching

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Kevin Beyer

Kevin Beyer -

- Strategic Planner + Account Director. Over the course of 20+ years in the agency world, Kevin developed, managed, and executed global programs and initiatives.


Specializing in the development of strategic plans for new product launches and brand reinvigorations, Kevin has a long, successful track record at running multi-agency teams ensuring cohesiveness through marketing programs. His experience includes account direction and management; brand platform development; product seeding and influencer program strategy; social media and digital campaign strategy; and experiential marketing and retail strategy.

Over the course of his career, Kevin has provided strategic planning and account direction for diverse clients and brands such as Xenical, Claritin, Prilosec, Revlon, Cointreau, New Balance, Sailor Jerry, Hendrick’s Gin, Puma, Milagro Tequila, Chupa Chups, Levi’s, and Diesel.

In-between managing research studies for LBR Insight, you’ll most likely find Kevin enjoying one, or both, of his favorite pastimes: traveling and cooking, or managing and growing his own brand, Western Grace Brandy.

Kevin has a B.S. in Marketing from Johnson & Wales College. 

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LBR Staff
Reema Vyas

Reema Vyas -

- Moderator, Marketing Strategy, Research & Analysis. Reema brings 20+ years strategic planning experience from roles at top agencies including McCANN, TBWA / Chiat / Day, and Ogilvy + Mather.


Reema was co-head of the McCann SF Planning department and oversaw strategy for the entire Microsoft business ($500+ million in billings). She has worked across a broad range of categories including healthcare, technology, packaged goods, retail and liquor.

Reema takes pride in her ability to fuse art and science to inspire simple yet sophisticated ideas that transform businesses and enrich people’s lives. She pioneered principles of DTC healthcare advertising while at Deutsch where she worked on Pfizer’s Zyrtec and Zoloft. She then led Healthcare Planning at TBWA / Chiat Day NY where she was responsible for brands including Prizer’s Aricept and Alcon’s Opti-free No Rub Express contact lens solution. At Chiat, she also devised an innovative clinical trial advertising and recruiting program called “From Molecule to Marketplace.” Reema’s experience in marketing, communications and creative strategy is deep and broad and based on the fundamental belief that good research is vital to effective in-market results. She uses novel and innovative qualitative and quantitative research techniques to unlock transformational insights.

During her free time, you can find Reema nurturing her two children or designing and sewing formal gowns.

Reema graduated from Colgate University with a dual degree in Chemistry and Philosophy / Religion. 

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Mari Prentice

Mari Prentice -

- Accounting Manager. Mari has 20+ years experience in a broad range of financial administration functions.


Her background in numerous industries - including National Media Buying, Solar Energy, Nutrition Consulting and Relocation Management - has produced a well-versed perspective on budgeting and financial strategies. She utilizes her skills to produce timely and accurate accounting for each of LBR Insight’s client projects.

When not crunching numbers, Mari is brainstorming the best way to organize her friends’ closets, rid her own of clutter, and what to pack her 7-year old son for lunch.

Mari is a graduate of New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. 

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Nury Lavandier

Nury Lavandier -

- Moderator, Marketing Strategy, Research & Analysis.
Nury is a bi-lingual, bi-cultural, seasoned marketing research professional with over twenty years of experience studying emerging cultural markets across a wide array of categories.


Her passion and years of experience conducting research among U.S. Hispanics have made her an expert in understanding the many complexities that make up this interesting segment of the population.

Nury has worked both in the U.S. and internationally across a wide range of products and services such as packaged goods, financial services, personal care products, food and beverages, alcoholic beverages, automotive, tourism, telecommunications and technology. Some company and brand experience includes General Motors, P&G, Nike, Bacardi Innovations, MasterCard, Unilever, Wrangler, and ViewSonic.

Along with her extensive research experience, one of her strengths is innovation and new product development where she has worked with numerous clients designing and implementing research studies from concept to actual product launches and beyond through the use of Co-Labs, Online Packaging Studies, Total Proposition Studies and by using the actual market as a laboratory through Control Store Testing.

Although she can’t carry a tune, music is her first love. When she’s not moderating, Nury can be found at a concert or spending time with family and friends in her beloved home country of Dominican Republic.

She holds a B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Spanish-American literature from Rollins College.  She is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), a not-for-profit association of consultants involved in the design and implementation of qualitative research.

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Dr. Jill Buchwald Rothstein

Dr. Jill Buchwald Rothstein -

- Clinical Psychologist. Jill Buchwald Rothstein, Ph.D. has been a practicing Clinical Psychologist for more than 20 years in New York and California.


Jill specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. The goal of CBT is to change the way that people feel by changing their patterns of thinking and behavior.

Jill was formerly an Assistant Professor at the Weill Cornell Medical Center at New York Hospital’s esteemed Payne Whitney Clinic. There, she was the Associate Director of the Cornell Cognitive Therapy Clinic. Jill has also served on the voluntary faculty of UCLA Medical Center.

Jill received her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She completed her PhD at Hahnemann University and postdoctoral fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Jill spent her predoctoral internship year training at the Manhattan Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where she treated veterans with a wide range of mental health and medical diagnoses.

Jill is passionate about understanding the reasons why people think, perceive and behave the way they do. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, practicing yoga, hiking, and cooking healthy organic food.

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Market Research

“You are one of the few moderators who isn’t afraid to go off script to get the insight.”

– Product Marketing Director
We are a full service qualitative market research company.
Study design. Screener Development. Recruitment. Discussion Guide. Moderating. Reporting. Bilingual Research.

We conduct all types of qualitative research

  • Product Positioning.
  • Creative development and copy testing.
  • New product development and ideation.
  • Product Usage.
  • Messaging.
  • Insight Mining.
  • Pre-quantitative research screener and questionnaire development.

There is no business question we couldn’t help you answer.

  • Who is my most profitable target?
  • What are they like?
  • How do we position and launch our new brand?
  • How do we re-position and launch our old brand?
  • Which set of claims and messages are most motivating?
  • Which creative campaign is going to drive business and
    what optimizations can be made to make it even stronger?

We tailor the type of research customized to the objectives
and budget.

  • In person.
  • Online.
  • On-site or at point-of-purchase.
  • In-depth interviews.
  • Group discussions.
  • Shop-alongs.
  • Ethnographies.

“You have this unique ability to synthesize tons of research and narrow it down to the key points and strategic areas.”

– Account Director, Advertising Agency

If extra hands on-deck and more smart people in the room is what you need, we can help. Our agency and client upbringing and subsequent research experience makes us able to quickly see the big picture, and align thinking across colleagues and between clients and agencies. WE GET IT.

We are skilled in a range of strategic planning services:

Research Audits & Brand
Stories. Strategic plans. 
Message and claim- 
generation. Positioning.
Creative Process. 

Research Audits and
Brand Stories

  • Are you sitting on a stack of research documents but no cohesive story?
  • Have you done a lot of research and need a third eye to help uncover unanswered questions?


  • Are you sitting on a stack of research documents but no cohesive story?
  • Have you done a lot of research and need a third eye to help uncover unanswered questions?

Creative Process

  • Do you need to ignite the creative process?
  • Are you so “deep” into the creative process that you cannot see what is / isn’t working?
  • Does the brief need to be “briefer”?


  • Are you and your team in need of fresh thinking and ideas?
  • Are there too many cooks in the kitchen and no impartial head chef?

We work with a large variety of clients and are as comfortable talking with doctors as we are with business executives, consumers, and moms.

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“All I can say is that your team is just so easy to work with.”

– Planning Director, Advertising Agency

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